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"I wanted to take a quick moment and say Thank You! for a lovely evening Friday night at Hansel and Gretel. What a fun and wonderful production! The youngest guardian angel was too cute beyond words! My personal favorite was the witch who I thought did an outstanding performance, as did everyone. Thank you again for allowing us to be part of the evening!"

- Terri T. from Big Cat Advertising, Novato

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"Just a note to tell you how much we enjoyed the beautiful production of Hansel and Gretel. The compilation of exceptional local talent from singers to conductor, pianist to dancers and everyone in between was a source of great pride and pleasure. We would like to extend our congratulations to you and all of the Golden Gate Opera members for such a lovely finale to its 2010 season."

- Meagan and Ben

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"We had the pleasure of attending Hansel and Gretel Friday evening. The production was outstanding, and the witch was just fabulous- what a singer and actress she is!"

- Betsy R. from Paper Crane Music, Berkeley

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"The children attending the dress rehearsal last Wednesday (of Hansel and Gretel) enjoyed the opera very much! The highlights were the parts with the witch (of course). They were especially fascinated with how the witch got out of the oven in order to take her bows at the end. I thought the singing was very good, and the acting was excellent. Thanks!"

- Mariette M. from Star Academy, San Rafael

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"Thank you for the Aria party. Not only opera, but playful Neapolitan songs as well! What a marvelous way to spend a Sunday Afternoon in Marin. To sit, sipping wine, an arm's length from such beautiful and powerful voices is a magical experience that no Opera House can give us. This would be a wonderful way to introduce Opera-Shy Spouses to the energy and joy of operatic voices! Bravo!"

- Gayle Delaney, PhD

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"I wish to commend Roberta Becker on the recent splendid performance of "Madame Butterfly." Her dedication and energy is boundless in bringing music and culture to the Marin Community. The eyes and minds of the children who attend these performances are opened wide to another world. How fortunate we are to have someone so caring and dedicated."

- Mary Delanty Brown, Mayor Emerita, Town of Ross 

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"Sondra and I enjoyed Madam Butterfly immensely. Sondra is trying hard to get me hooked on Opera. This was only my second live opera. I especially enjoyed the second half when we moved back and we could get a better overall view of the sets and action. Now we have tickets to travel to Chicago to hear Carmen at the Chicago Lyric Opera. What is my world coming to?! Best Wishes from a "born again" Opera Lover."

- Al Wuthnow, Mill Valley

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"I just wanted you to know how very much my wife and I enjoyed the opera (Butterfly) which you presented in Marin on April 11. It was such an outstanding production. What a wonderful gift to Marin county it was. I hope you keep up the good work and we certainly look forward to more such productions from Golden Gate Opera in the future. I feel it is especially important for the young people in Marin to see and enjoy opera as it is in my opinion an important part of their education in the arts."

- Laurence Schechter, M.D., Kentfield

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"Thanks for the wonderful performance. The kids were mesmerized by the performers and their talent. The opera is a foreign art form for many, if not all, of our students. It was truly an awesome experience for them. Even I learned about the "trouser role" from the great supplemental information you provided. Our journalism class is even writing an article about it for our school newspaper. I will be sure to send any writing or drawing the students produce about the performance. Thanks for finding the local sponsors to fund the assembly, it was truly worth it."

- Angela Kriesler, Teacher at Loma Verde Elementary, Novato

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"I'm so happy live opera is available right here! I love Golden Gate Opera's  high quality productions and I can't wait to bring my granddaughter!"

- Jane Birenbaum, Corte Madera

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"Why do I love Golden Gate Opera? There's always a lot of fun at Golden Gate Opera's parties and events and the singing always is fantastic at their operas."

- Marlene Feldman, Corte Madera

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"I saw my first opera at GGO's production in 2008. I liked it because it was live, because it was on the stage and you could see the performers and it seemed like they were having fun. It was beautiful. The costumes were beautiful too. I look forward to GGO's next show!"

- Karen Arnett, San Rafael

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"They are a great company. Opera should take place in Marin. They do a wonderful job."

- Marion Boyd
Marin Center Deputy Director

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"With funding for fine-arts education in schools being reduced, organizations like Golden Gate Opera are needed to help to continue to bring fine-arts to the students in the schools of Marin County. Over the years, Golden Gate Opera has become an important part of the special things Marin County offers to support its children. Since 2005, Golden Gate Opera has brought to at-risk children and students throughout Marin County the experience of professional opera through in-school assemblies, student performances and free tickets for public performances. This year Golden Gate Opera is offering to bring the opera Hansel and Gretel to schools and to provide a full performance for school students in the theatre so they can experience culture and this art form. I urge your consideration of funding to support Golden Gate Opera, an organization that makes our schools better through promoting the value of art and performance."

- Mary Jane Burke
Marin County Superindendent of Schools

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"My daughter Olivia and I began a family tradition when she was two years old of going to see GGO's performance of "Hansel & Gretel" each year. Olivia would happily dance and twirl  in the aisle and ask me when she could be in the show, too.  When she was five years old her wish came true when she performed as a gingerbread cookie in "Hansel & Gretel" and had a very memorable experience. Olivia then went on to perform in two other GGO performances ("Suor Angelica" and "Madama Butterfly") and had a wonderful time in each that she will most likely never forget."

- Michelle Kallai, Mill Valley

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"The fabulous productions of Golden Gate Opera are seen by many who would never ever be found inside the San Francisco Opera House. There are far too few opportunities for young singers to display and hone their talents, and thus I always leave the Golden Gate Opera productions wondering why such wonderful singers aren't already with the Met. It is essential that such opportunities as Golden Gate Opera continue to be available to them. The presentations that Golden Gate Opera does in the schools is one of the last bulwarks against the disappearance of real music. And those youngsters who get to sing in the chorus with Golden Gate Opera find a path that brightens their lives immeasurably. I don't know if I have ever met anyone else with the drive and passion of Wain-Becker. She eminently deserves all the help possible."

- Esther Wanning
Ohloff House Therapist

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"There are two schools in the Sausalito Marin City School District. One is Bayside Elementary and the other is Martin Luther King, Jr. Academy. I was principal of both for six years. I also taught at Bayside for twenty eight years. I remember Golden Gate Opera coming to Bayside and MLK. There were performances at Bayside and MLK students came over to attend. For many of these students this was their first experience with opera. They came in slowly and left very excited. Some were able to go up on stage and participate. After the program the students wrote letters and essays and also did art work related to their experience. On another occasion the students loaded up on the yellow school bus and traveled over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco to attend a production of Carmen. The students were singing all the way back to school. A great time was had by all, thanks to Golden Gate Opera."

- Ruby Sullivan Wilson
Former Principal of Bayside Elementary School and
Martin Luther King Jr. Academy in Marin City

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"The County of Marin is proud to be a supporter of Golden Gate Opera, but we know our contribution is not enough to secure opera's future in Marin. We urge everyone to consider investing in Golden Gate Opera. One of the most enduring commitments to the arts occurred during our nation's Depression era when leaders wisely invested WPA funding in one of the largest grantmaking efforts to support live orchestral music, opera, theatre and musical composition. It was and is a proud legacy for challenging times."

- Charles F. McGlashen
President, Marin County Board of Supervisors

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"This is about more than just opera. It's about preserving culture for our community's children."

- Harry Lehmann, LLC
President, Novato Kiwanis

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