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Making GGO's Operas
Accessible to All

GGO is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities ACT (ADA). We ask our Board members and volunteers to each go to the ADA resource link, so that we are all conscious of the needs for accessibility and can implement what may still be needed.To access ADA resource information go to http://www.usdoj.gov/crt/ada/adahom1.htm
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The Marin Center's 2000-seat Marin Veterans' Memorial Auditorium and 300-seat Marin Showcase Theatre both have architectural accessibility- wheelchair access to the theatre and restrooms. Golden Gate Transit bus service has transportation to the Marin Center and wheel chair accessibility. As we plan our upcoming operas and outreach, we will let schools and audience members know about this accessibility, and market that accessibility. If you would like to volunteer to be a liason with a special needs group, please contact us at 415-339-9546, or email info@goldengateopera.org.

Patrons needing signing interpretation, large print programs and other access accommodations can contact the box office for this consideration; but we will plan to reach out to let special needs groups know that we have this capability. GGO is appointing volunteers to liaison with groups in the community for special needs persons, so that we can know specifically what they need, arrange for it, and respond to those groups that their needs for accessibility are able to be filled and how to receive that accessibility. We will create outreach with the project to groups that would not have access to attending the full production.

We plan to include accessibility information and news, in all marketing for our programs coming up on our web site, in E-letters, on facebook, twitter, and on promotional materials and in PR. We will arrange for office staff to have information about accessibility, and train our board, staff and all volunteers for GGO as well, so they can let their contacts and the public know. We will plan accessibility accommodations for outreach performances such as at the Canal Alliance Community Center, Sausalito Art Festival performance, public opera preview, In-School performances or a free performance in the park in Sausalito. We will speak about GGO accessibility , and our efforts in planning accessibility, when speaking at Rotary, Kiwanis or the Chamber of Commerce. We will work with the Civil rights national office to make sure we are accessible to all people.

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